tirsdag den 4. maj 2010

Met Galla dresses - my favorites...

well... I must admit that sometimes I can be a little blind to the clothes if I just really like the person wearing it... But in this case I do like all the dresses (or suits when looking at Alexa), even though I'm also very fond of the women wearing them :b... for example Marion Cotillard --> I looooove her! Both her as a person, as an actress and her style! And of course she has been wearing more beautiful dresses than this one, but I still think it's beautiful and i didn't picked it just because SHE is wearing it ;)
With Taylor Swift it is quite opposite, because I'm not the biggest fan of her and I do think it is quite borring when she is always having those princess curls at the red carpet (AND OFF THE RED CARPETT also! Doesn't she has a bad hairday ever?!)... BUT I would love to wear that beautiful white dress she is wearing!

Source: MSN gossip

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