onsdag den 12. maj 2010

Film Review of the week/month...

Well, since I like movies so mutch I'm going to do some reviews of my own oppinions from now on... There will both reviews of new and old movies, and of course reviews on some of my favorites movies. Of course my favorites movies will be praised more than other movies, but anyways I still want to share them with you guys ;)...

Today I have chosen two movies - one is ok new, and one is old and classic. The Classic one is "Top Hat" with Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers in the leading parts. If you look at my complete profile you will find a list of favorites movies, and among these are Top Hat, so therefore this film is going to be at my first review ;)
The other one is "The Reader", which I recently saw. You may remember this, because it was both nominated for and Oscar for best picture - and also Kate Winslet (one of my favorite actresses!) was nominated and won for both a golden globe for best actress in a supporting role and an Oscar for best leading actress!

I have chosen to give The Reader 5 and a half H's (H stands for Holly). It is such a good movie, and I was in doubt wether it should have all 6 H's or this... Watch this movie if you are into people and their nature and behaviour, watch this movie if you want to see something beautiful and sad at the same time - without any action or excitement. It is definitely worth to see and both Kate Winslet (especially her), Ralph Fiennes and David Kross plays their roles exceptional!

Well if you are not a "Classic movie" kind of person, then I probably wouldn't recommend Top Hat.. BUT then again - watch it anyways, it's fabulous! Top Hat isn't boring at all. It is both funny, charming, sweet, romantic and it makes you laugh ;) ... at the same time, after you have seen this picture, you really doubt yourself in your dancing skills, because if anyone can dance - it's Fred Astaire!!!
I would have given it all 6 H's if it wasn't because of the classic'ness of it, because everyone is not like me :)

Hope you will enjoy my future reviews...

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