mandag den 12. september 2011

A message for my readers...

Hey you guys...
in about two weeks I'm going to South America for about 3 months... I want be able to blog from there, not only because of the bad internet, but also because I will be buisy doing volunteer work and just exploring South America!!!
I'm sorry for you guys that I will be away for so long, but I really hope you will follow my blog again, as soon as I'm back! Because trust me - I will be back! ;)

thank you for understanding...


søndag den 11. september 2011

Multicolored nails

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lørdag den 10. september 2011

fredag den 9. september 2011

onsdag den 7. september 2011

Rosie in Mint.

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tirsdag den 6. september 2011


source: timian coco / src783 / src783 / ? / thin inspiration / the citizen closet / christian louboutin / ?

Crimped Hair.

Vogue Japan, oct. 11.

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