mandag den 17. maj 2010


Right now I'm pretty annoyed and a little bit mad, because earlier this day a had a fight with a friend of mine named X (not a fight in that manner of beating eachother, but fight in - yelling at each other). You know she is one of these girls who wants to have her opinion heard in every way! plus she has a very big and annoying temper! So then suddenly today (i want go in details) she starts yelling at me for no reason at all, and at that point I forgot every thing about being the bigger person and ignore her, so I yelled back, simply because non of my other friends have the guts to answer her back... so I decided to be mad too, and now it just annoyes me! Why can girls be such bitches sometimes? (and I'm not judging here, because I can be it too høhø ;) ) Why do we always or most of the times, have to be so mean and direct? : / Well it is just easier with boys sometimes, you know :) Sorry for my anger, just needed to get it out :)

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