søndag den 8. maj 2011

A quick update...

I just wanted to tell you guys, that this coming week will be about themes, here on the blog... you know, it's spring now but soon comes summer, and therefore I just wanted to have a week with themes.
So each day will have inspiration pictures from a new theme...
and here is how it's going to be:

Monday: Spring (because we love the romantic spring, and because we're having it right now)

Tuesday: Love (all you need is love, right 'beatles'? ;) )

Wednesday: Travel (who doesn't love to travel?)

thursday: shoes (we all love them dont we?)

friday: Tattoos (because they can be damn cool!)

saturday: Smoking (that bad habbit, that can look so damn sexy!)

sunday: Summer! (because we're looking very much forward to a hot summer)

Hope you will enjoy my week of different inspiration :)

xoxo Holly

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