søndag den 27. februar 2011

Tonight is the night!

Soo tonight is the big night - it's Oscar night!
It's time for the academy awards, and I'm going to watch the show all night like I do every year ;)

I would have showed you guys some videos of my favorite oscar moments of all time, but unfortunately the owners on youtube didn't allow it...
so I'm just going to tell you two of them...

1. When Roberto Benigni won both an oscar for best male actor in a leading role and for best foreign film - where Sophia Loren yells 'Roobeertoo', and then he jumps up and walks around on the top of the chairs! - you gotta love him! He just makes you smile, because he is so happy and so grateful!

2. When Marlon Brando wins and oscar for best male actor in a leading role for 'the Godfather' and then doesn't shows up at the oscar but instead leaves an indian girl to take the award on "his behalf", because actually he didn't wanted the award because he was against the bad treatment of the natives indians in the US. Pretty cool Marlon, if you ask me!

But, not to talk too much about the show itself, for you readers who cares more about the oscar dresses than the show, I have collected my list of favorite oscar dresses of all time!


Pictures found on google

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