lørdag den 24. april 2010

Hangover, weekend, beach and sun...

Yesterday I went out with my girlfriends for a big party. It was a lot of fun, but still fun with alcohol can have consequences - and thats why I have had a Hangover today :P... but not a big one, because I'm lucky in that matter. I only had headache and I was fealing very weak and dissy, but some of my friends have a worse time than me - they puke all the time!
Anyways now I'm feeling fine, because it is weekend and today I have been to the beach with my family for a walk by the sea and to get some fresh air and an icecream :)
Ahead of me waits a week full of school asignments :( I have 5 in all to make, but luckily 8 days from now I will hand over my last asignment in the Gymnasium, because I'm going to graduate this year - cant wait!

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